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Today's coupons, inserts and in store!

April 23rd, 2006 at 11:50 am

Well, I *wasn't* going to go shopping. I'm still working on the stockpile. But I noticed that my paper had two inserts today with coupons from everyone's wish lists. Just one or two from each...

All small and mighty
Northern TP
Cottonelle TP
and on and on...

Not much from my own list, Cottonelle, but I decided I'd run down to the newsstand and see if anyone had tossed their inserts.

This happens quite frequently on Sundays, that lazy cup of coffee at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble, quick breakfast at McDonalds. Restaurant lobbies. People waiting for tables, relaxing over the Sunday paper, and tossing their inserts aside.

I didn't have much time, and only got one extra insert. Not enough of my own coupon needs to justify purchasing a second paper.

But...DH mentioned we were low on frozen foods, not ingredients, but things HE can cook. So, a quick run through the store, and another PILE of coupons and offers.

Here's what was out today:

up to $4.50 rebate from Bayer (purchase 1 - 3 products), exp. 5/31 (loose pile at the pharmacy window)

$1 on Pepcid exp. 1/31/07 - (stack, maybe 4" x 11" info and coupon sheet)

$1 Senokot Laxative (pile in the pharmacy)

$1 on 64 oz. Ocean Spray 100% Juice (collar around the bottle) exp. 5/31/06

Lysol BOGO rebate by mail - exp 5/31 (tear pad in the cleaning product aisle)

Lysol B2GO any product rebate by mail - exp. 5/31

(and a note -- Lysol has 5 different rebate offers out right now, and the forms all look identical, blue with a giant red FREE, smaller print above tells you which products you need to purchase)

Also, at the doctor's office this week, large (7 x 11") stand up tear pads:

$1 off Advil -- exp. 6/30

$1 off Caltrate - exp. 3/31/07

One trick I'll write about more later...

Go to the pharmacy aisle off hours, Sundays or evenings, when you can skim through and review the brochures and products without feeling self-conscious.

Often the coupons at the pharmacy have expired, simply because no one looks at them or picks them up. If you find one, take it home, email the manufacturer the exact description, along with your mailing address, and tell them you are disappointed. Receive replacement coupons, and often coupon booklets, from the manufacturer. Bayer sent me coupons for 5 free bottles because one coupon expired and was still on the shelf!

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