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The trouble with Tribbles

April 18th, 2006 at 03:08 pm

I have a shrew in my pantry.


If you haven't experienced a shrew, they look like tribbles (Star Trek original series). Furry little sweet things, fast as fury, and true terrors when they fight.

Ours is named speedy. Mainly because he kept zipping by last summer, and DH and I kept asking each other if we "saw that"? Seeing things...but no, just a shrew.

Would have called him zippy, but Zippy and Twitchy are two of our squirrels. Figi is the deer begging for Fugi apples and white grapes (Chardonnay only for the lady, it would seem), and Skippy is the chipmunk that skips on and off of the deck.

So, a new challenge to get the stockpile down, before the shrew does!

2 Responses to “The trouble with Tribbles”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Don't laugh....I had to go and check out if a shrew was real....(Id never heard of them...) and sure enough, there is such a thing!! They sound interesting...but I think they'd spook me. Kinof made me think of a tiny possum...which we have here (and lots of em)

    I sure hope your mom is ok...I am so grateful my parents lit here close to me (actually on my property) so that I could take care of them. Its got to be incredibly hard having them so far away. Frown

  2. flash Says:

    Yep, furry tiny opossums. We had LOTS of opossums and skunks in San Diego (yep, in town, there's a "canyon law" so you can't destroy the natural canyons, and we had loads of them). Just imagine them REALLY furry.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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