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Slow and Steady Sunday

July 9th, 2006 at 03:01 pm

A slow day, cleaned house (cheated a bit and used some of those free Lysol wipes to wipe up things instead of cleaner), marinating Portabella mushrooms for some burgers to use up the buns.

Finally updated my coupons "have list", of what's available for everyone. LOL, because DH has his own idea of what products are, and filing, well...it's interesting where he files things. Sunsilk is NOT hair color, and well, not all flowered coupons are for feminine products Wink

The have list is not a brag list, just what's available for request. Train members, do your best! It's no where NEAR a coupon queen list.

I froze the blueberries left from picking a few days ago. Have to be careful, as the Corgi saw me picking them, and now he is dragging me on the leash to eat them straight off the bushes! Does anyone know if dogs should eat blueberries? They are roped off from the deer, but he went right under the netting! Too smart for us!

We desperately need to go get more picked and frozen, and we are gearing up for the muffin bake. 50 dozen at a time, takes a day, and uses up every left over we have. Great way to use up cereal, milk, grains, protein powder, fruit, juice, ice cream, dried fruit, produce, candy, just a stockpile downsizer!

Next week, though. Today I'm tired, staring at all those little coupons. Most didn't get listed, as I'm not ready to type up all the inserts.

5 Responses to “Slow and Steady Sunday”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    I looked online and found several references to dogs eating blueberries. I didn't see anything about them being dangerous, so your dog should be fine.

  2. LISA178 Says:

    Luckly little guy.

    I love your husbands filing,tell him there is another Ketchup catergory "reduced carb or sugar,sugarfree".(LOL)

  3. Amorphous02 Says:

    Foxes are comitted omnivores. The vulpine and canine might have different reactions, but blueberries are relatively innocuos. You dog just seems to have good taste in fruit! Some of Gerald Durrel's animals ate just about everything. Will ask my vet though..
    I love your muffin idea.

  4. Amorphous02 Says:

    Hi Flash,
    Next time you have to type up haves, may be this will come in handy: websites like frugalnfree.com, couponmom.com and of course the coupon sneak peek/preview sites list them all: cut and paste will help.

  5. flash Says:

    Quite a few sites list the insert coupons, and those are the ones I DON'T list. Coupons available in stores, from manufacturers, magazines, etc., are not available in EVERY store, so very few sites even acknowledge them. And, those non-insert coupons have the best savings! Ususally ones I have multiples of, too, and more likely that train members don't have access to them in their area, or even know about them. It's hard to request coupons that you don't know about...and harder to know who wants them Smile but thanks, I'll keep it in mind if I ever do list inserts.

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