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Is it really Saturday?

July 8th, 2006 at 03:50 pm

My sense of time is definitely off this week. Is it really Saturday? I didn't do the weekly grocery shopping; then again, I don't need to buy anything. Had a bit of a nap this morning (confessions are good for the soul, right?).

This afternoon, a bit of research and posting, following up on things that have gotten muddled over the last few days. DH is STILL filing coupons for the trains...and adding categories!

He announced last night he had added a separate category for ketchup. Why? Do we really have that many coupons for ketchup, they can't be under tomato sauces, or condiments, or just GENERAL?

My personal coupon box, yes, I do have many categories (but not for ketchup!), but when I'm in a store, I want to find a coupon quickly, not be in the aisle, and in the way, while I rifle through hundreds of coupons.

But for coupons that are going to others, really, why not just "personal care", "food", "beverage"...etc.

DH, I love him to BITS, he said

"people have wish lists, and we need to be able to find exactly what they want"

Seriously, it is very important to him that if someone asks for Kikkoman or soy sauce, or teriyaki sauces, we find the right match and make sure they receive it.

Of course, if he really thinks I am typing in the name of every coupon we have here...well, I'm not aiming for carpal tunnel...and the time is better suited to other things.

That has pretty much been the day!

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