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Today's Try Me Free Rebates

July 7th, 2006 at 05:39 pm

I'll be the first to admit, I rarely do try me free (TMF) rebates. First, I don't want to have an item just to have it...I'm already overstocked on life and stuff. And, it seems complicated to keep the receipt for a single item, remove the UPC (which will probably start a war with me, and either tear or I'll burst open the package). If I wait to take the UPC off until after I've used the product, the chances of finding the rebate form AND the receipt AND it still being before the deadline, well...I've got too much to do.

But, having accumulated all these TMF and other rebates, I actually sat down and cranked them out today!

First - Resolve new dual action carpet cleaner. NICE, just a form and receipt, no trying to get the UPC off the cleanser (definite hazard there!). $6.

Second - Boost with Benefiber, also easy, and $8. Boost we use anyway, so trying the benefiber version was not a stretch.

Third, the new Act restoring mouthwash. Very easy. $6.

Fourth, well, not TMF, but $5 coupon rebate on Land of Lakes. Their cheese blocks are usually $4.19 each, but they were on sale at 2/$4, and after a $1 coupon on each, the $12 purchase requirement (3 blocks) was easily met, for $3. I bought 6, but it was a great deal!

Sunny D was on sale, so I did the movie ticket rebate. We rarely go to the movies, but a ticket without restrictions is impossible to find, and would cost us $12 EACH at our theater. Of course, we'd hit the matinee...

I still haven't done the FREE Advil PM 20 count, I think I used the receipt on something else.

And, having a form for Aquafresh White & Shine or Extreme Clean 4.3 oz or larger, and a separate form for just the White % Shine, means I can do them both...but I've got more toothpaste stockpiled than we can use in a year. Of course, those rebates are good through '08, so if the product is still around, I may just use one later.

MEAT...well, DH is still in charge of that one. $25, but it's due this next week. No nagging, though, he asked to be in charge of it, and whatever happens, it's fine. I love him LOTS more than the $25. As long as HE loves ME more than the steaks...

1 Responses to “Today's Try Me Free Rebates”

  1. Cat Says:

    Hey I was searching for current TMF offers and came across your blog! I was wondering, are the offers you've posted American or Canadian? (I'm from Canada) And are all the offers you've found purely on the packaging or forms found in-store? Are products ever offered as TMF on their website??? THANKS for your help!!!

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