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You are invited to the Crayola Birthday Bash

July 6th, 2006 at 03:55 pm

If you are going to be in PA next weekend, you might want to check out the freebies and fun at the Crayola factory!

Join us in downtown Easton for The Crayola FACTORYŽ 10th Birthday Bash on Saturday, July 15, 2006. This indoor/outdoor celebration will be filled with lots of colorful fun, cool entertainment, and exciting prizes throughout the day. We will have strolling performers and entertainment such as clowns, face painting, a visit by Sponge Bob, hourly giveaways, and visits from Tip, the Crayola mascot.

A traveling exhibit from the Philadelphia Zoo will also be here to celebrate, along with characters from other area attractions. And be sure to visit The Crayola Store, where commemorative Crayola
items will be available to mark this great occasion.

For hours of operation go to www.TheCrayolaFACTORY/hours

Colorfully yours,
The Crayola FACTORY

1 Responses to “You are invited to the Crayola Birthday Bash”

  1. Dido Says:

    Ah, my former home turf! I lived in Easton for 7 years and just moved a few miles down the road back to Bethlehem when I bought a house last year.

    The Crayola Factory is pretty fun--I've taken guests there a few times. The National Canal Museum is also in the same building, and there you can get tickets to a mule-drawn ride down the Lehigh Canal.

    This weekend was also supposed to be Easton's big Heritage Festival--Easton is one of the 3 towns (along with Philly & Trenton) in which the Declaration of Independence was read aloud in the public square back in 1776, and there's usually a lot of neat historical stuff and festival stuff...but there was a big flood in downtown Easton this past week (it's at the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers, so got doubly drenched) and I hear that they're canceling Heritage Fest this year. The weekly Farmer's Market is still on for "center square" in the middle of downtown, right across from the Crayola Factory.

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