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Coupons and freebies for Teachers!

July 6th, 2006 at 03:51 pm

'Tis the season...ho ho ho...for back to school savings, sales, coupons...

and if you are a teacher, try to make it to all those teacher appreciation days!

Staples will be having their Teacher Appreciation Days in August. Each store provides a FREE canvas goody bag, teacher planner, and COUPONS to the first 200 teachers (and often more, depending on the location). Find details for your local store at


Office Depot provides a similar program, check your local store for details.

Most stores also offer Teacher discount cards, and other special contests and rewards. For example,

OD Get Tools for Your Schools

Whatever stores are in your area, whatever your affiliation with schools, it's time (already!) to start watching for the sales and specials.

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