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coupons in stores yesterday

June 25th, 2006 at 03:19 pm

Tear Pads/Booklets

buy 14 oz. or larger Oreo, get $1 off milk, exp. 6/30/06
buy ANY two oreo, get free milk (up to $2.99), exp 7/31/06
Maxwell House Points program form, exp. 3/30/07
$1 any 2 Ritz crackers, exp. 8/31/06
$3 MIR two Ortega products plus select DVD exp/ 7/31/06
0.75 ANY Reynolds Wrap release foil, exp. 12/31/06
0.75 Cattlemen's, any one, exp. 12/31/06
0.55 Mann's Fresh Cut Vegetables, exp. 9/30/06
$1 on 1 Reynolds Wrap release AND one regular foil, exp. 12/31/06
$2 ANY Claritin, exp. 3/31/07
$6 MIR Kedem Sparkling Juices, exp. NONE
$1 / 2 Classico Pasta Sauce, exp. 12/31/06

$1 on 1 Scott TP, exp. 10/8/06
0.50 on 1 Scott TP, exp 10/8/06
0.50 off one any SOLO product, 8/13/06
0.50 off one Kid Cuisine, exp 7/23/07
0.50 on Heinz, 32 oz. or larger, exp. 7/31/06
0.75 any Tabasco, exp. 7/23/06
$1 one Hot Shot Ultra or any other two Hot Shot, exp. 7/31/06
$1 ground beef with any Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce, exp. 9/3/06
$1/3 Healthy Choice meals, exp. 7/22/06
0.75/2 any GM cereals, exp. 9/10/06

3 Responses to “coupons in stores yesterday”

  1. Camryn Says:

    You Excel ( pun intended)
    Dear Flash, Jeffrey
    I see that you are adding up the totals on the reciepts. It now stands at more than $4k. For every person who reads about your methods and looks at $330.00 for $27.00 ( a masterpeice) , you should add $10.00. You help us save atleast $10.00. Even when we think we know it all...
    You are aiding in create a college fund, a retirement fund, and most importantly , you are giving us more control over our lives. Our incomes are earmarked, 401ked, taxed, axed: you name it.
    At a time like this, you help so much.
    With Sincere, Heartfelt gratitude.

  2. jeffrey Says:

    While I appreciate being mentioned with Flash here, credit goes 100% to Flash for teaching about these savings. I'm sure that I'm learning more about all this than most of you Wink

  3. Camryn Says:

    Right now, I am tidying up and trying to see if there are any sales in the stores closeby.
    So i do have some time to request the following.
    this blog site is great. How can I get a good webpage service? Any savings tips there? I want my site to be as inexpensive as possible.
    Thank you for reading.

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