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Sunny D movie tickets...thinking about it

June 19th, 2006 at 02:58 pm

DH used to drink quite a bit of SunnyD juice, but he can't since his medical problems. I've been ignoring the movie ticket offer, but since we used the free tickets last week, things are changing.

I looked at the forms this morning...limit four tickets per household...but they the "movie money certificate" i.e., ticket, is "valid seven days a week, for all show times, to see any film, even when a 'no coupon/no pass' feature is shown".

That's new to me. I've never seen an UNRESTRICTED ticket from an offer.

Read it to DH, and noted that others were purchasing the juice and dumping it to get the tickets ($2 of juice per ticket or less if on sale). We could do that, or even give the juice to the youth group...and DH said, it's going to be time to make muffins again, can't you use juice in that?

I do, indeed, use juice, melted ice cream, yogurt, cereal, whatever needs to be used up in our 50 dozen baking batches. But DH has NEVER made a suggestion of something to use up in muffins! A new age dawns.

So, just maybe, I will head out to the stores this week. I can't imagine where I am going to store ANYTHING else. Especially muffins...50 dozen takes half of the freezer.

Then again, to see a movie Big Grin

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