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more coupons today

June 19th, 2006 at 02:50 pm

in stores...

MIR Senokot, $1.50 on 10 or 20 size, $5 all else including bran, unlimited but one form/submission per household. Exp. 6/30/06

FREE Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks and 2 - 20oz. cocke with purchase of Papa's Perfect Pan 3 topping pizza, carry out only, Papa Johns.

Claritin brochure, $2 any size, exp. 3/31/07

$1 Coricidin HBP, any, and free cookbook or walking CD mail in, exp. 6/30/06

Free FreeStyle blood glucose meter from Abbott

Free Accu-Check meter, ($40 coupon, $40 rebate) exp. 8/31/06

MIR $1 any Francis Coppola wine, exp. 12/31/06

MIR $2 Bacardi party drinks P/M by 7/14/06

MIR $3 John Barr wine, exp. 12/31/06

$1 any two Classico pasta sauce, exp. 12/31/06

MIR $1 up to 6, Kedem sparkling juices, NO EXPIRATION

Lots more MIR forms for various alcohol products listed in my HAVES LIST...I never knew they had rebates on alcohol, but someone asked, so I found them...or they found me...how does it work again?

1 Responses to “more coupons today”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    We have state run liqour stores, and yes............they are full of rebate forms. All over the store. I used to just go in for the forms, then trade them! Haven't done that in awhile........as I haven't been able to go anywhere!

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