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Thumbs up to Fairfield Farms! COUPONS

May 25th, 2006 at 11:45 am

Mail call today, and full of coupons...

Fairfield farms not only sent a brochure with coupons, but a personal letter, and additional coupons, which they noted in the letter were going to expire the end of June, but the ones in the brochure are good until 2/07. Please use Big Grin

Gerber newsletter came, packed with coupons.

Dove newsletter and samples came, packed with coupons. Hair care samples are freebies of the day; Nexxus samples also came. They are actually travel size bottles. Can't wait to try them.

DH cleaned out the coupon box for expired and soon to expire (end of month). Teamwork! It's great to have a DH who helps to save...and realizes that it's not in a "little way". This week's receipt he STUDIED with pride.

And...while I was running through the days 200 new emails, he submitted a rebate for his Biotene. I love that. I give him the receipt and the rebate forms, now, and he pretty much takes care of them.

We did get a bounce back on one rebate from the computer...but since I PAID Circuit City to file them all for me, they get the aggrevation of fixing it. When there are 10 or more stacked rebates, requiring multiple receipts and UPCs and codes, and the rebates are more than $500 total, I'd rather "waste" the money having them guaranteed and processed by someone else who does it for a living. Especially since our local news has carried multiple stories on rebates not being processed from this state. Dell, apparently, is the worst. I don't have a Dell, so didn't have to deal with that.

We did get another $50 rebate through, though. Adding it in to the challenge...

Current savings:
2006 $20 challenge: $4401
2006 grocery savings: $6015

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