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White and Shine Aquafresh rebate

May 24th, 2006 at 10:08 am

Today in the mail, the free Trial Size of White and Shine, with a $1 coupon...goes nicely with the TRY ME FREE rebate they put out. I'm stockpiled on toothpaste right now, but the coupon is good until 12/31, and the rebate is good until '08. So, a deal for another day.

If you are signing up for freebies, don't forget to look for the coupons that may be included with the freebie. Manufacturers want you to try it...but they also want you to remember to BUY it next time you are in the store. The coupon is a walk-in reminder that you bring with you, so it's a great promotion for the manufacturer, and can be a great deal for you.

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