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Barber chicken COUPONS!!!

April 24th, 2006 at 06:36 am

Someone asked for more info on getting Barber coupons. There are more available than I first realized!

There was a recent promotion from a Sunday insert to receive a "rebate" in the form of $10 in coupons. Good coupons.

A nice start...

In addition, I visited their website. They have a link for coupons, but it redirects you to SmartSource printables, which didn't work for me.

I emailed Barber (link is on www.grocerycouponguide.com), and they responded with 10 coupons by mail, and an invitation to request coupons every two months.

There are currently two sales running here for Barber chicken, BOGO or 1/2 price. Used the coupons, and received...

SPECIALLY MARKED BOXES, the outside says to look inside for up to $10 in savings.

I did. You have to take the box apart, the offers are printed in light gray on the inside of the box. It was worth it! There is another rebate form to receive $10 in coupons....

And a $1 coupon inside EACH BOX!

The rebate for coupons expires 10/31; the coupon expires 12/31/

I'm not one for chopped up reformed stuffed chicken breasts. But, these are GREAT. There is a lowfat variety. Doctor up a white sauce with a bit of cheese, put a tablespoon or so of sauce on top before you bake, and they can pass off as homemade stuffed breasts for company.

Hope that helps! It did it for me!

9 Responses to “Barber chicken COUPONS!!!”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    This is the kind of luck I have. For YEARS, dad has eaten one type or another of Barber chicken at least once, sometimes twice a week. FOR YEARS! So I get the $10 in coupons, not to mention the ones you put in the train, and now I'm loaded with them. So I go to BJs and buy the big packs of 3 different varieties of Barber chicken, getting a great deal, and using my coupons. I literally just got off the phone with dad not 5 minutes ago, and he informs me that he no longer likes any of the meat he's been eating, and he wants me to think of something new the next time I go shopping for him! So if anyone is looking for Barber coupons, just let me know Smile

  2. Susan Says:

    I would love any Barber chicken coupons I can get my hands on. They are absolute favorite and not cheap to buy.

  3. Brenda Says:

    my husband and I have Barber Cjicken Cordon Blue 3 times a week. Wonderful company...but their new packaging contains chicken that is not the same, it's almost pressed chicken and the breading is not crispy. Could it be that they are going the way of everyone else? Compromising?

  4. cathy burch Says:

    love your products and would love to know where to purchase besides Sam's Club

  5. Brenda Says:

    Two things I have learned. 1. The Barber Chicken sold at Walmart is made specifically for Walmart. I bought it once and didn't like at all. 2. The new packaging in the regular supermarkets has new cooking instructions which do not allow the coating to be crispy. I went back to cooking them at 400 degrees for 35 minutes and they taste like they used to.

  6. Kim R. Emper Says:

    My family absolutely LOVES your stuffed chicken products. They are a treat in my house. Keep up the good work.



  7. Maria Says:

    Please I will like to get some of the chiken coupons. Mi family love them but I have not been able to get any coupon. Please Advice,
    Maria Mayer
    13033 Oneida St.
    Spring Hill, FL 34609
    Thank You

  8. tony maurizio Says:

    my wife loves the stuffede chicken breast she would like to have coupons

  9. tony maurizio Says:

    love your chicken breast

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