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so much for the yard sale

April 21st, 2006 at 01:24 pm

It's been raining, and it's supposed to pour this weekend. Actually a GOOD trhing for me, because I never had time to get things together and contact the coordinator to sell my things. AND, double blessing, they are closing the ONLY road that accesses our area tomorrow. So, I will have another chance to get my act together!

Been running through my reward, rebate, survey sites looking for $$ to cash in.

Still wondering a fair way to count grocery savings for not spending anything as opposed to just tracking sales and coupon savings off of regular prices...but I don't want to admit what I spent per week last year on groceries, before we got back to practical shopping.

Summer, well, yes it is my grocery shopping weakness. Fresh produce. Last year I did great keeping things flowing in and using them before they needed to be tossed out. But it's so easy to decide NOT to fix something at the end of a long day gardening (two years ago DH and I cut and removed 1000 pounds -- his calculation -- of sod for two garden beds). Or working out, or shopping, or just being out in the heat.

My solution last year was to prepare everything in the morning. Individual giant salads, with all the veggies and trimmings added. Get meat ready to cook, casseroles ready to bake, even just bread ready to broil. At the end of the day, we just pulled salad meals out of the frig, or everything was ready to cook, no mess, no fuss, no clean up.

We'll see.

The Corgi pup has just discovered french fries (a weak moment for take out lunch), and I think is wondering why we give him such horrible kibble when such wonderful grease kibble exists.

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