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S&H rebates are adding up!

March 23rd, 2006 at 10:46 am

I'll admit it, I was skeptical, but yes, My Points is coming through with all the S&H rebates I've submitted. So, all the book club memberships, coffee club memberships, etc., the books/DVDs/coffee is actually FREE. No nasty S&H to ruin the deals!

$40 back so far, plus the $10 sign up rebate.

Still think this would be a good way to buy books, DVDs, etc for free and sell them on eBay or half.com or any of the other sites. But I haven't done it before, and not sure how it would work.

I did promise to post about My Points and the offers I'm doing, so I will set up a separate blog for that.

I'm also thinking about blogging the steps I took to half my prescription costs. Anyone interested in the step-by-step details?

6 Responses to “S&H rebates are adding up!”

  1. Aldeya Says:

    I really enjoy your blog. I have it saved in MY Favorites and check it almost every day. It's just great.

    So by any means tell us how you did it?

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    How do you sign up for the S&H rebate? I haven't seen that yet on Mypoints...

  3. flash Says:

    If you go to my points, easy points, it's one of the memberships. Or, here is the direct url for the one month trial:


    Join the MyPoints Insiders-Club today!

    "Shop: Simply shop through the MyPoints website and BonusMail as you normally do.

    Save: If you ever pay a shipping charge, you can get cash-back, up to $250 per year! Also take advantage of local discounts at stores, restaurants and attractions near you.

    Earn: Get 250 Points just for joining our risk-free 30 day trial for only $1. Plus, you'll still earn Points for all your MyPoints purchases!

    Peace of mind: All of your purchases are covered by our Complete Price Protection program, FREE Double Warranty, and more! "

  4. flash Says:

    I can't imagine my blog as anyone's favorite place! Thanks! I will get to the details sometime soon.

  5. markio26 Says:

    flash, where did you post the offers and cancellation numbers from the mypoints deals at? i remember seeing it, but, now i cannot locate it... thanks in advance..

    also, i want to know how you are saving on prescriptions too.. besides the transfer offers...thanks.

  6. Barbara J Walker Says:

    Is this the Insiders-club. How did I sign up for this??? Over $89 was charged to my debit card. I DO NOT remember signing up for that or ever for a cost that high. I never have $89 to spend on anything like this. I NEED THE MONEY PUT BACK IN MY ACCOUNT N O W!!!!

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