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feeding company, continued

March 21st, 2006 at 04:05 pm

It really hasn't been bad. Still able to work against the stockpile of food. Sister's blood sugar is doing fine. She keeps commenting that we are eating so much healthier than usual, but seriously, we are eating the same, I just tucked away all the sweets we rarely eat!

On the stockpile: First, gave 10 paper bags filled with non-perishables to Second Harvest, and another 10 to Harvest for the Hungry. And, two bags of personal items to the woman's shelter. No bragging intended. I grew up in poverty, and when I have, I try to share. Getting it free with all the coupons and sales and challenges, and trying to be reasonable on what we are going to get to before the expiration date, it's just an anonymous gift to pass on blessings as I've been blessed.

Anyway, barely made a dent. So...Sunday night we had large salads, mixed greens, the remaining fat free feta, grated carrots from the veggie tray, mushrooms from the veggies, and dried cranberries, slivered roasted almonds, and grated parmesan and swiss cheeses from the freezer. Used up the rest of the raspberry dressing bottle #2. Also broiled 6 grain pumpkin seed bread with a drizzle of butter and honey, just a touch. Dessert was diet Breyers ice cream bars. B-day gifts were freebies: a $30 diabetic cook book, a $25 set of these games she plays, and a leather organizer for her briefcase. Yeah freebies! All things she wanted.

Dinner last night...leftover pasta. Hadn't cared too much for the Bertolli bag sauce, and adding Bertolli alfredo sauce (pantry) made it a bit soupy. So, for last night, I took a bag of the Fast Fixin's popcorn chicken and baked them, sauteed mushrooms, broccoli and a few tomatoes from the veggie tray, added in leftover cooked broccoli, leftover veggie dip, half a carton of non-fat sour cream (leftover), some parmesan, some milk, and the chicken. Served with Pillsbury garlic bread twists (free item). Everyone thought it was great, so guess we're doing okay. Still wishing for the potroast myself...

Tonight, using up the fresh spinach bought for the sister's visit. Made spinach salads. Added the last of the mushrooms and tomatoes from the veggie tray. DH will only eat boiled eggs if they are GRATED, so boiled 6 from the free Land0Lakes pack, removed most of the yolks to soften pups food with (still teething), shredded the whites and mixed with mozzarella and a touch of parmesan from the frig/freezer storage. Bacon from freezer (3 pounds still to go) fried in shreds, drained. Newman's Own honey mustard lite dressing. I'll serve with the remaining broiled honey bread.

Summer I often use garbanzo beans and zucchini instead of the eggs and mushrooms. But, going with what we have Smile

So, that blows the stir fry I was going to do with Jen's alternative to soy sauce. Used up all the fresh veggies. Still not sure what tomorrow will be.

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