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coupons for company

March 18th, 2006 at 02:00 pm

We are doing pretty well, sister and me.

For last night, I had meetings the entire day, so when I arrived home, DH popped 3 pizza's (Trader Joe BBQ Chicken) into the oven, and I pulled out the remaining veggie tray. Pretty tasty.

Corgi has decided he likes to eat raw broccoli. He hovers under me and waits to see if I drop anything when I'm preparing. Last night he snuck some off sister's plate. SIGH.

Tonight, birthday dinner, and I'm back to the stockpile! First, received $3 in Barber chicken coupons from the train, and they were half off on sale last week. So, for $1.50, we picked up 6 stuffed breasts. Perfect for tonight. I also fixed up the fresh asparagus DH bought last week, sale, some bread sticks (pillsbury 10/$10, bought one with a doubled 0.50 coupon, FREE), and a family size bag of the new Uncle Ben's ready rice. Again, coupon/sale/FREE.

Today, sent sister shopping. She had brought coupons for me to do her shopping, but the grocery had Schiff's Niacin half off, $7, on a bonus package, and she had brought a $3 coupons, so she did well. Don't know what else she bought, but *I* didn't have to go shopping and spending.

YEA for coupons!!!

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