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Savings, Rebates, and Income this week

March 14th, 2006 at 06:06 pm

A few things came in the mail:

1.a full size product to test

2.coupon for a free box of Kashi

3. coupon for a free box of Wasa and other coupons

4. $10 Brand New You rebate

5. $20 AmEx prepaid card

6. coupon for free Nature Made product

I think I can use the AmEx cards for some of the trial offers if any more come up.

It's only Tuesday, hopefully some more will be added. At least it buffers some of the spending for company from yesterday.

We do need to travel shortly, and we are working at getting the best rates with the least hassles. DH booked a "fully refundable" flight just to have something booked for the day out and back. When he told me what it cost, I told him I could deal with more hassles if he could find something better. He actually did, one more layover, but $600 cheaper EACH.

So, this morning he called United to cancel the fully refundable tickets, which were twice the price of nonrefundable, and they told him refundable tickets were only refundable for 24 hours after booking.

He actually got the executive tone in his voice, speaking to United, which I haven't heard since he retired. A truly ticked off and restrained irritation sound that the boss has when you bring him ridiculous news that costs his budget money. I heard DH say, "so the fully refundable tickets are only refundable for 24 hours, does that make sense to you? Where exactly is that written in the clauses", etc....so they did refund the money to the cc.

So after the company comes and go, we will come and go, a day out and a day back to see my father before he passes on.

I think this is one of those times when I realize just how lucky I am, and how blessed I am to be married to DH. When he is struggling, I carry the weight and watch the finances. When I need the break to deal with all this in my family, he picks up the slack and keeps pulling us in the right direction. This balance is so critical to succeeding in all ways, and I think we're successful in the right ways.

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