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A BIG thank you to the coupon train members!

March 14th, 2006 at 06:15 pm

I never thought I'd be one for exchanging coupons. I have way too many! But organizing these, finding the coupons and offers that people need, is really rewarding.

I've really been rewarded, too. Yesterday's savings on groceries really came from the trains. First, because I am picking up coupons that are available, even if I don't think I will personally use them. Example, I picked up a few $1 off Breyers light ice cream. Rarely eat it, would never have looked for the coupons. But I had them, and the sugar free was on sale yesterday, $1.18. Had a $1 coupon...so DS gets ice cream!

Also, just the extra coupons the train sends. DH must have Ensure (or Boost) every day for his cancer, and it was on sale and I had 5 coupons for Ensure and 2 for Boost. DH agreed to try Boost, since it was sale/coupon.

DS is bringing a pile of coupons with her, so I will be sorting through and sending them off to the trains. And looking forward to the mail bringing more in!

Thanks to all for letting me help coordinate the trains.

1 Responses to “A BIG thank you to the coupon train members!”

  1. Melinda Monty Says:

    Hi, Does your coupon train have any room on it? If so, how does it work? I've been on 4 trains for the last couple months, but they just aren't working out for me. The people who are supposed to send to me have been very unreliable and have usually either not sent at all, sent late or sent me expired coupons. This is very frustrating to me, as I'm very committed to this and I always send valid coupons out on the day we've committed to. I'm very reliable and I'm looking for some "good" trains. Please let me know if you have any room or know of any others.

    Thanks, Melinda

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