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update on the stockpile

March 12th, 2006 at 03:22 pm

Well, I haven't worked things out for the DS visit yet, but DH and I have been doing okay. DH made Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine with sides of veggies for a few nights. And, we cooked up two of the Mrs. Smith's pies. Never eat them, but they were having a free-with last fall, and they needed to be eaten...yeah, that's it...Cherry Pie with the new no trans-fat crust was really good.

Last night, browned up a bag of the chicken strips, (the $7 bag we got for half plus a double $1 coupon, which was what, $1.50 for two pounds?). Made a dipping sauce with a jar of jelly (freebie with prepared pantry), the leftover raspberry vinigrette dressing, a touch of mustard and nonfat mayo product. A two quart casserole full of fresh asparagus, steamed. And of course, the last of the pie for desert. Tonight, leftovers.

I enjoy the challenge of the sauces and things. So much of the stockpile in the freezer and pantry is there simply because it was a great deal, but is something we rarely eat. Like PIE, and BREADED anything.

Tomorrow is grocery day, DS needs special foods for her various dietary challenges.

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