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monthly coupon sites

March 11th, 2006 at 01:02 pm

Having a low energy day. Blog about that later. Anyhoo, spent the afternoon surfing through the monthly coupon sites for anything new. All printables, but if you find a coupon you want, you can usually contact them and request it directly.

Anyway, monthly coupon sites, for those who aren't already signed up, are:

HomeSolutionNews (Lysol, Jet Dry, Airwick, Electrosol, Veet, Old English, Rid-X, Spray-n-Wash, Glass Plus, Easy Off)

WebMD (lots, through coupon.com, but a different selection than you get from other coupon.com sites)


ConAgra (or simpleanddelicious.com), make Healthy CHoice, Banquet, Orville, too many to list here etc.; need to click through all the different web sites, or go through the simpleanddelicious newsletter.

AllYourRooms (Georgia Pacific products like Brawny, Dixie, MardiGras, Quilted Northern, Vanity Fair, Angel Soft, and Sparkle)

chj.scjbrands.com (clean home journal update) (SC Johnson products, like Ziploc, Saran, Glade, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Oust, Pledge, Fantastic, Shout, Drano, Off, Raid)




homebasics.com (Unilever)


Allrecipes.com (various partnering brands, powdered by SmartSource but different selection)

and the new basics, like



Too much ink and paper since only one store here takes internet coupons, yet they really do make a difference in our budget.

Individual site coupons, you can deactive the print and have Bricks mail them to you on coupon inc. veri-fy paper, which is logoed if you scratch the back with a coin, so most stores WILL accept them as a standard manufacturers coupon.

Hope this helps someone. At least I have my list now Smile

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