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more savings and the Insiders Club

February 21st, 2006 at 01:28 pm

I haven't been counting all the new things I've been doing that are saving money. For one, I've done my first trial memberships, EVER. This month, for $1 each, I've done 10 trial memberships, received $240 in gift cards and rebate in return.

I've also joined two book clubs for "points" in my points. DH and I buy quite a few books each year. Through My Points, which I had actually opted out of until this month, I get 1000 points for each membership, which is about $15. Also several free books, with obligation to only buy one more. Through the insiders club of My Points, for only $1 a month trial (and $6 a mont if I keep it), they reimburse ALL shipping and return costs.

So, today I received 4 cookbooks. One is an update of a favorite, one is a crock pot cook book that I've been meaning to buy, and one is a diabetic cookbook for my sister's b-day. Total pub price is $114, I paid $4. $13 for S&H, but that will be rebated. So, a savings of $110, which I haven't counted in my total savings. The points and S&H rebate I will count in my $20 challenge, since it's money I earned by doing things I normally wouldn't (like requesting S&H back - it's so much easier to ignore those things!).

I also received a "sample pack" of something I would normally purchase for $30, and it was FREE, no S&H, etc. Not included in my "savings", because it's hard to track and figure in the freebies. But still, money not spent!

3 Responses to “more savings and the Insiders Club”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    I should look into the $1 trial memberships to help my $20 challenge. I always figured that they would keep the gift card until the trial period is over, and if you don't sign up, they'll never send the card. I'm glad to see you've had success with this...

  2. DivaJen Says:

    Can you tell a little more about what these memberships are and how you're getting all these gift cards? Thx. Smile PM or email me if you don't want to write it all out here.

  3. jodi_m Says:

    Please please tell more! The one trial membership I did try would not send the gift card for 4-6 weeks, and I needed to be a member at the time they sent it. The 30 days came and went without the gift card...all in all, I was a member for three months (cost about $20), but I did end up with 2 gift cards out the deal (they offered me another one when I tried to cancel, so I stayed in for another month). Too much hassle...but I would love to hear which ones have worked for you and how long it took to get them.

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