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back to savings

February 21st, 2006 at 12:15 pm

Okay, back to tracking savings. My journal is so far behind on this!

Groceries, this weekend was $181 down to $74 with sales/coupons and a 5% club discount. Weis is running a special rebate, $169 in rebates ($1 - 4 here and there) over the next 6 weeks. One item, Boost, was on sale for $5, had 4 $1.25 coupons, and will get a $2 rebate back on each (limit $20). When I receive the coupons from Boost in the mail, I will finish up on that. DH doesn't like it as much as the Ensure, but he appreciates the savings. Seriously overstocked on TP, tissue, paper towels, etc., between the KC rebate and the sales/coupons, and more Weis rebates. So those will wait towards the end of the rebate period, when we've downsized a bit, and hopefully they've gone on sale and we have coupons Smile

I've never had the one-check rebates from a store before, and I am loving it. I have $16 coming from last months, and with all the coupons it really adds up.

Of course, the dog is spending money, well, puppy things like doggie gates and constantly growing collar/leash/crate/ etc. Our previous pup was 12 pounds, and after 14 years, we have poor planning for the new pup. If we had bothered to look on the internet, we'd have realized Corgi's get to be 30 pounds, not 20. But he was an impulse, and no regrets. We have done well with food and treats coupons and savings, but have BLOWN it on other things. Pet fences for the grand piano room and the dining room probably ran $500! But, the furniture was MUCH more than that, and the Corgi is chewing all wood in sight. Trying to break him of that. SIGH. Feeling guilty about the expense, but grateful for the other savings.

Haven't added in medical, etc., but just the latest grocery savings brings our 2006 total to:

2006 savings:$5165

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