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It's raining coupons!

February 17th, 2006 at 03:00 pm

Despite all the craziness, the snail mail has been raining coupons. It's really been great!

Ziploc sent free products and a booklet of coupons, Purina sent free products and multiple coupons, Johnson and Johnson sent LOTS of free item coupons, Crows sent free item coupons, Pfizer sent free coupons, I received a FREE 2006 Entertainment booklet with coupons, etc. I sent many of the grocery coupons on to the coupon train, as DH reminds me we are fully stocked on everything and STOP buying stuff. Panicked a bit when I didn't hear from the coupon train, but sounds like it's been running fine without me Smile

Kashi and Arrowhead are sending coupons for free products, and quite a few manufacturer direct surveys are sending coupons. I'll admit, I prefer the coupons to a 1:1000000 chance of a prize.

Surveys have been paying off too. Just too much going on right now to catch up on everything.

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