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monday, monday

February 13th, 2006 at 02:37 pm

We finally finished up our $100 Home depot card from DH birthday. We had saved it for the insulation, but since that was 10% of what we budgeted, we had $29 left on the card. Bought SALT for this wonderful storm, leaving 43 cents on the card. I do hate leaving money behind, but I couldn't think of anything to buy for that, and I do NOT want to spend more than the card is worth.

Dropped by Costco to pick up a Rx. Had a $10 rebate, so $8 total. Yeah! Would have been $150 last October. I want to start a separate category to track how the insurance premiums/Costco/cash back compares to the savings. Hopefully it will work well.

I have NEVER been one to contact companies, but Saturday I picked up a flyer from Bayer, and the coupon was expired. There was a huge pile, and they were ALL expired. I went to the cited website, and IT was expired. So I sent them an email, just thought they would want to know. I just received a thank you email with a note that they are sending a pile of coupons, including FREE product coupons!

I asked Little Crow why they didn't have coupon in the paper, and they sent 6 FREE coupons, with survey requests to try them and respond, plus a stack of other coupons. So I checked all three local grocery stores, and no one carries them! Anyone have a store they can use them at?

I did find the Ralston hot cereal at Weis. Surprised.

Also, Boost is in sale, but DH doesn't like it. Too sweet, not enough protein. Ensure high pro is up to $10 a six pack. So I wrote to Boost to ask if they were going to release their new high protein shake soon. They also responded sending a pile of coupons, and gave me a number to call EVERY MONTH to receive coupons. I didn't ASK for coupons, and it is really nice! Now if DH will just drink it. But, they are introducing a new high pro shake!

I received email from Weis that I have several rebates coming (they combine into one check each month) and Fritos is replacing 30 coupons they mailed out after they expiration date with free product coupons. Several surveys paid last month, and I requested checks. Got one today. Can't wait until they all come in and I can total them up and LOG them in my challenge.

I'm still trying to get in touch with several people who posted that they wanted to join coupon trains, but they have not responded to PMs. I'm a bit frustrated, I offered to organize these, but not pull my hair out.

Oh, on a final note...I'm still learning to use freebies. I posted the Johnny Walker free movie ticket offer, and there were responses that the link was bad, so I checked it. Just got an email that I am now signed up as a striding man :-0 and have a code for one free movie ticket from Fandango. There is no way I will have time to use it, so if anyone wants it, or didn't receive there's:

go to www.fandango.com


Offer only redeemable for R rated movies. Codes must be redeemed before 03/10/06

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