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coupons coupons coupons!

February 10th, 2006 at 11:56 am

It is definitely coupon day here!

$2 for Indian River juices
$6 Healthy Choice

Also, my dentist asked me to report to Aquafresh that their Extreme Clean was too harsh. They sent me packaging to return it to them, and returned a CHECK for $12 and an coupon booklet of $11 in GSK products.

I emailed Swheat Scoop that their "specially marked packages" were not available here, and they sent 2 - $1 each coupons, good all year. Coupon Train!

I emailed Little Crow that I was not receiving their coupons, and they sent coupons for SIX FREE products, a sheet of coupons, and surveys on each product to complete to receive MORE coupons. They said in their response email they have a low use rate on their coupons, so they have stopped putting them in newspapers, but they are HAPPY to send them. Glad to help!

I'm also trying to learn more about the MyPoints insider club that I signed up for. They cover all S&H for trials from their sites, as well as returns. But they also have LOADS of $25 off $50, etc., for online purchases. So...will have to see. I am fairly sure they are trying to dump data miners on me, but I scrub fairly regularly.

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