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Frito-Lay coupons and other events of the day

February 8th, 2006 at 02:28 pm

Well, three months after I signed up for the frito-lay MARK offer, today I received TWO packages of coupons. No beauty kit, but I'll take the coupons. FREE product. I look a bit closer, they all expired 01/31/06. BOO.

I rarely do this, but their web site has no info and no email contact, and so I called. Got the NICEST customer rep, and she is sending a SASE for me to send back the coupons, and they will replace ALL of them with current coupons. YES.

Received some great coupons by mail, $12 from Dryel/Febreze/Downy, 4 FREE Olivio coupons, others. Nice. Expirations are end of year, so I have a chance to breathe.

Finally received the products from Purina for shipping their puppy chow back. A bit disappointed, they sent a baggie and a SAPP label. This dog food is BAD, I mean it came out of the bag in giant clumps. They said they were sending shipping materials, somehow I "assumed" it would include packaging?

Other news, received another $40 in free gift cards. Quite a pile, need to shop, but don't need anything right now, so just trying to a}not forget them and b}not let the dog eat them. I need to check on other offers, now that MyPoints covers all S&H and return shipping costs.

I also received a nice surprise from ThePeanutShop. A great store, we are addicted to their peanuts, and it's DHs one luxury. But, the last batch was horrible, and they replaced the can. But today we received a free can of chocolate covered peanuts, just because we are good customers. Very nice.

So, a pretty good day. Specific savings will be in the future, but sometimes to GET the savings, you need to plan ahead. So, this is my plan ahead day Smile

3 Responses to “Frito-Lay coupons and other events of the day”

  1. markio26 Says:

    i also, received some nice coupons in the mail today, sara lee sent $11 in
    various coupons for their products, pillsbury sent 4, $1 off coupons for their
    bisuits or rolls, pepperidge farm sent me $11 in various coupons.. i received
    a free oatmeal variety pack coupon from ralston foods, i don't know what
    store to use it at.. do you have any ideas?
    enjoy your blog..

  2. flash Says:

    Wow, how did you get those? Incredible!

    I haven't seen Raston hot cereal in ages. Their page:


    might contact them and ask directly.

    So, how did you get the Pepperidge Farm coupons? Yum!

  3. contrary1 Says:

    I sent off a complimentary email to Zip lock & they wrote back a thank you, & sent a free item of my choice coupon. Not bad! It will sure make me think of doing more of this in the future! Your note here reminded me to think of this avenue......coupons/freebies/etc.

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