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busy but profitable day

February 7th, 2006 at 03:24 pm

I finally feel caught up. Well, almost. I still need to get a bit more organized in tracking everything going in and out.

I completed a $50 survey, so look forward to receiving that check. Requested two other checks. Received three emails from Weis that my January rebates were confirmed and would be mailed later this month, and eBates is also sending a check. Still waiting for the Pepsi and Colgate and K-C and DeSanti and Del Monte and all those crazy Janaury rebates to arrive. I am looking forward to the one post where I get to add them all together and claim towards my $20 challenge as FOUND money.

I'm staying on top of the "rewards" clubs to make sure things are credited. Found a $15 survey that hadn't been, and three others are pending.

DH wanted me to repost that yes, we saved 92% at one store this week using coupons and sales and deals. I do love it when he's proud of these little things. Here I am, a former SVP, and I melt at these little things.

Received four more g/c's, for $40. I'm now having to remind DH that they are there. They are piled on one clip on the frig.

I've lost track of a few things that have come in. But, so far I can account for:

2006 savings: $3600 plus meds ($1500), minus the insurance, for a total of $5055.

Not bad for the first month, but so much more I want to try! When savings becomes a challenge, or a game, it's much more enjoyable than feeling deprived and spending.


2006 savings:$5055
2006 extra income challenge: $2386

1 Responses to “busy but profitable day”

  1. Joe W Says:

    Reference your Pepsi Rebate: I've dealt with them twice before. Each time the rebate offer says the rebate takes up to 12 weeks to process. They are not kidding, you will NOT see your check before that 12 week period is up. Expect it anywhere from 12-15 weeks after you mailed it to them. It will arrive but don't hold your breath.

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