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coupon exchange trains and savings

February 6th, 2006 at 03:20 pm

It has been a busy day. Despite having not having a meeting this morning (it was canceled at the last minute), I didn't end up with any free time. Well, maybe I did, it was quite enjoyable. I took some product testing results to FedEx, reorganized one coupon train and dropped the coupons in the mail (ack, getting expensive). A bit complicated as I can't reach some people and I don't want to send everyones coupons into a black hole. THAT would be irresponsible. A few new people would love to join and are in such close proximity, but I've already rearranged one train, and will have to look at the next.

DH had to pick up a few things, so we cruised through a new supermarket and of course received another pile of coupons. Interesting. Did buy another giant stainless mixing bowl. Always need another it seems, baking in bulk, especially for bread rising.

Incoming mail was nice, received $20 for circuit city and $20 for Lowe's, a pile of coupons for free product from Olivio, another pile from Iams. They sent the nicest puppy kit, just because I asked how to stop the new pup from laying in his water bowl. Also followed up with a company and they did finally send my $10 rebate. So that's $50 extra in today for the challenge.

I'll have to total another day, dog needs tending, as does DH.

Thanks to all for the wonderful comments. They are SO appreciated.

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