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$25 Staples g/c when you sign up your school

March 27th, 2009 at 03:37 pm

Staples has started a new program for schools,SchoolKidzs.

If you sign your school up, they will give 2 $25 g/c: One for you and one for your school when your school signs up to participate and is new to the program.

The form for sign up is at


Information: The StaplesĀ® SchoolKidzsm provides convenient supply kits to elementary and middle schools at a great value, so your kids will be prepared from day one! It's simple, you just fill out the order form brought home from school and we'll deliver your kits right to your school for easy distribution. Inside each personalized kit you'll find all the supplies approved by your child's teacher.


6 Responses to “$25 Staples g/c when you sign up your school”

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