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If you thought the Ziploc freebie was bad...

March 13th, 2006 at 04:03 pm

I'm having one of those days. Truly. No time to even read through the forums.

First, checked email, and I have an UNKNOWNDOMAIN UNKNOWN SENDER email from my blog! I didn't open it, but checked the subject line, checked my blog, and someone had anonomously (sp) posted marketing garbage as a comment on my blog! I deleted the comment. Not going to open the email.

Also, got an offer to blog for another site. Geez. Not sure how they got my email through the site, but how inappropriately rude!

I sat in a meeting this morning, where I made "brilliant" recommendations, which were dismissed, then I mentioned that another person NOT responsible for anything in the project had requested I bring it up, and BINGO, the man in charge totally jumped on the idea. Now, I've been an SVP for a very long time, I know how to be assertive without being offensive, and I usually don't get this garbage or bother with it. But it came back around to me, and it just came out that I am NOT going to be treated deferentially to a man, and if my bringing up the idea was not good enough, I would happily step aside. ACK. This isn't me, but something in me said I'm retired, they asked for me to be here, and I'm not going to play this game.

Probably anxiety about my sister coming out tomorrow, and our getting ready to fly out to visit my dying father for the last time. Totally stressed.

So, savings. Let's see. While I was zooming around deep cleaning for my sisters allergies and immune system, and Lysoling and Febrezing (anti-allergen) and spraying Oust for the puppy smells (they bother her), I wondered if someone didn't have a single product that would do all this. Neutra-Air, the fragrance free smells like aerosol chemicals. Oust fragrance free doesn't, and doesn't get DH's asthma going, etc. So I wrote to SCJohnson to ask if they had, or were going to have, an Oust that was also anti-allergen. Complimented their product, all that.

Received back a NASTY email. I've been involved in patent and corporate law for twenty years, I understand the issues involved in receiving someone else's ideas, and corporate politics and privacy and competitive games, and non-disclosure agreements. But seriously, they sent me an email that if I had a patent they would send me a preliminary legal form, and if not, bug off; that they probably had the idea in the works already but it took years, and they had a marketing team, and they did not want to hear any ideas from consumers. I know customer service and support requirements well, and my DH and I were both taken aback.

I emailed back a "fine, not what I intended, I will use something else" type of note, and they responded with my two emails and their original response nowhere to be seen in the correspondence log.

So, I am done checking email for today.

Shopping for sister's foods and needs and requests:

$100 at Trader Joe's
$140 at Costco
$200 combined from 3 grocery stores

still not everything she needs. We called to get flight info (she never told us, but we are supposed to pick her up, she doesn't want to rent a car), and she has a major cold, and PINK EYE.

I love her so much, I'm happy to take care of her and help her, but I'm a bit stressed at this point.

I still need to buy the coffee she can drink (LOTS) and LOTS of Coffeemate (doesn't that have soy?).

Savings on the shopping was $120, not great. Not even going to count it as savings, since it was such an expensive day.

Time to destress before I post any more, or read anyone else's blogs. Hot bath.

Ah, and I splurged $5 for a large tray of sushi at Costco. Dinner is served. NOT on my challenge, but sometimes ya just need a treat.

2 Responses to “If you thought the Ziploc freebie was bad...”

  1. katwoman Says:

    Yeah, I got that email too!

    Puppy smells - don't know if you want to spring for it - that Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quaddra thing really works. Whenever my bro would come over he wrinkled his nose at the smells given off by my dog. Believe me, he and I are going to sit down with a therapist, opps, off topic! Anyway, the complaints were non stop! When mom and I got home from the hospital I saw this thing in the corner of the room and thought he bought it. Turned out my mom had bought it some years ago so we started to use it. Would you believe it works? I had it turned off yesterday and my bro remarked about the smell. Told him the machine is off and he how didn't mention the smell days ago. Now since I live in the home I'm used to any smells but he was so impressed with the difference that he told me he has one already on order for his home. And no, he has no pets! Just anal. The machine runs over $300 but since you're great with online discounts.....

  2. Frugal02 Says:

    "So I wrote to SCJohnson to ask if they had, or were going to have, an Oust that was also anti-allergen. Complimented their product, all that.

    Received back a NASTY email."

    That's not all. I have read time and again that SCJohnson still carries out animal testing. I refuse to buy their products. Its political..

    Hope you are haveing a much better week now.

    That post opened my eyes to so many things.
    BTW, for good Karma and better felling, I invite you to join www.freecycle.org, if you are not a member already. (You bring out the altruism in me. I now spend 2 hours daily reading your blogs and posts on savingadvice.)

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