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a few tricks at maximizing the credit card deals

February 7th, 2006 at 04:04 pm

I did get one nice offer in the mail today on my credit cards.

To explain, four months ago I converted all of our cards to dividend cash back cards. DH saw an add for a 5% cash back card from a bank we don't use, but I ended up checking out different cards online, and found our current card holders had a much better card out there, for "select" customers. I can be select. So, did my research, called up the cardholder and said I wanted to cancel my cards. Flat out.

Credit card banks have become a bit jaded over people calling up complaining about better deals, and since few are willing to actually cancel their card if they aren't given a better deal, the banks are more hesitant to negotiate against an "offer in hand". But, if you call the number of the back of your card and ask to cancel, they will ask why. Then you can tell them about another offer, or in my case, simply say that what I really wanted to do was convert my existing cards into the other card they offered, but it seemed too complicated...within 3 minutes both cards were converted. Immediately activated at 5% back on grocery, gas, and drugstores.

But that is just the beginning. Most cash back cards (I think AMEX is the exception) have caps on dividends you can earn, and other limitations. I had asked my personal banker if her bank offered a cash card, and while they didn't, she pointed out that DH and I should each have a card, and double our allowed cash back.

Now, when you take out a credit card on a new special super deal, and then don't use it, the owners of the credit get concerned. My personal banker automatically upgraded my bank card to yet another level of rewards, and send reminders of other features.

The new cards however...we use one, pushing for the 5%, and use a completely different card for everything else. So, the card people noticed we weren't use this super deal card...a new card...seen as a new account...and today we got the incentive package.

We want you to enjoy your card. For the next 6 months you will earn 5% cash back on ALL purchases made with this card.


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  1. markio26 Says:

    great info.. i will try it too... i love getting cash back on my discover and
    aaa visa card.. thanks for this post.

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