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Free trials and freebies

February 1st, 2006 at 05:07 pm

Wow. I have never been one to use freebies, or do free trials. But I have taken advantage of some of the $1 trials that give rewards, and I'll admit, it's very exciting to get those gas cards, gift cards. They keep emailing me more! I received two Lowe's cards today, should get two more tomorrow, already received $40 in Exxon and $80 in gas coupons. I also have g/c's coming in as rebates from several sites. Keeping up with cracking the best deal can be exhausting, who gives how many points; how many points does each site need for a $10 g/c; how does the value compare to cash back. ACK.

Freebies, I never understood them. I was so embarrassed by my mother grabbing up all she could in stores, doctors offices, whatever. But, truthfully, I am finding it's not a matter of being poor, but wise. DH pointed out that I had 20 bottles of shampoo and conditioners from last year, all that I purchased big for the lower price, and all that my stylist has warned me not to use after a few weeks. The little trials of Dove, Garnier, whatever they send, actually allow me to try the product (duh) and determine if I want to purchase it, let alone get the larger value size that has no value to me.

So, we continue to try these new ways, and incorporate the old ways.

Trying to get DH to look at auto insurance, which was actually a goal he gave himself two weeks ago. Jeffrey's challenges are excellent, even when they are reminders (so, DH's inbox is pelted with copies of the daily challenge...). I need to create a list of all the ways we have saved since October (signed up at this site).

Spent a fair amount of time cleaning out the freebie area. Too many redundant and expired posts. But it is always rewarding to find things there, and add to them. Haven't gotten below House/Garden (i.e. the dreaded HEALTH section), which is totally overrun.

Sent out a welcome letter to the members of the bullet train, with all the info they will need, and a few coupons to boot. I should receive the train in the next day or two, and I can't wait to restock and get it back onto the tracks!

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