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Today was grocery savings day

January 5th, 2006 at 03:30 pm

I rarely go to Superfresh, as they don't restock the shelves on their sale items, and not friendly, and expensive on anything that's not on sale. But, we did a quick run through for chicken at 79 cents a pound and turkey breast at 89 cents a pound, 6 Lean Cuisine for $10 but they doubled a $1 coupon, etc. Came to $84.79 before coupons, $32.73 afterwards.

Giant, higher than hoped, but I am stocking a few items to start the muffin bake next week. Takes piles of cereal and oats and STUFF for 50 dozen muffins since I don't use flour. Bill came to $117, down to $65 after sales and coupons. I also purchased the items for the Colgate rebate, spent $6 to get back $10. Not sure it was worth it, as it's not what we usually use, but should work out.

Also sent back a pair of LLBean boots. I love their products, but this duck boot didn't hold up after 3 years, and they have a life time guarantee, so I shipped them back. I normally wouldn't have, even with the guarantee, because they are after all used, but MD does need a new pair now. Postage was prepaid at $5.85, which is cheaper than if I had paid it at the post office. The boots are $89 in the current catalog, so important savings for us.

Also, received 4 free Claritin tablets which hubby uses, they cost $1 each without coupons here, so saved $4?

Days total:

Totays savings: $52 + 53 + 89 + 4. I'll count the rebate only when it comes.

2 Responses to “Today was grocery savings day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Be careful with the Colgate rebate. They ran the same promotion last year, and I did it even though I normally don't use those products. They ended up rejecting my rebate on some technicality. (I'm usually pretty careful about this). So make sure you include the receipts, circle the items, include the right UPCs and photocopy your submission, if possible. I'm sure I'm just overcautious now, but it can't hurt...

  2. Alleen onder Glamour versta ik wat anders maar dat moet kunnen. Says:

    Alleen onder Glamour versta ik wat anders maar dat moet kunnen.

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