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today's savings

December 18th, 2005 at 02:05 pm

Well, I HAVE managed to go a whole day without spending, even on S&H for freebies. Possibly because I have a cold, and slept all morning despite the Airborne. I think I got fairly run down over the last two weeks. At this rate, I will have the Airborne rebate faster than anticipated.

I saw on another coupon board that Giant is having another crazy 8 sale, so I will check that out, and try to start planning holiday dinners. We usually do appetizers, munchies (zakuska) on Christmas Eve, then snack on them over lunch the next day while dinner cooks. It's just so much easier. We aren't having anyone over this year, though, and no one is coming here. Last year we had the family over. Sister from Monterey came over, and we had to buy gloves, scarf, coat, boots, robe, etc. Now, it's not bad out here, and she wrote to ask me to ship her warm things to her in Monterey because she's freezing! It is always something.

Did clean out a few pages from the household/gardening freebies. At least it's a small section. The health section, AGH. Wonder if we should have a separate section for Rx versus OTC and other health freebies.

Katwoman, thanks for showing me the other coupon links. Love it! As soon as I figure out the print thing.

So, dinner tonight, probably my cheapest dinner. Take a 10 cent package of Raman soup mix, make it using an extra cup of water, a boullion cube, a touch of soy sauce or ginger, and a bunch of frozen veggies or leftovers, like broccoli. Excellent soup, costs NOTHING. And the veggies make it a bit healthier.

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