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Zoe's samples and other savings of the week.

December 17th, 2005 at 10:30 am

Okay, DESPITE spending a fortune on two dogs in the last ten days...the rest of the week we saved quite a bit.

First, well, neither of us shopped for groceries, gas, anything we normally would have. We lived out of the pantry and staples of soup and bread and frozen Healthy Choice free dinners from previous super savings.

Second, we received two rebate checks from Zyrtec Rewards, the Gillette rebate, a check from a survey, and some great coupons and freebies.

I received my offer from Zoe's Granola/Bars to "Break the Donut Rut" in the office, I was really surprised. The offer does require an office address and email, and I did email them that I was retired, but still went into some morning meetings as a consultant, sent my home address and email. I didn't expect them to send anything, and if they did, I was certain it would be a few tiny trial size bites, like the Luna bar samples are. BUT Zoe's sent a full box (12) of full-size granola bars, 12 packages of granola, each with a 50cent coupon on them, 5 coupons, 3 large post a note pads, and some other stuff. The granola is QUITE tasty. My husband doesn't like granola, and he eats protein bars only, but he enjoyed both.

Lots of offers in the email that actually did make some good buys. Things I would not have otherwise purchased, but that were such great ideas and buys....well, you see my problem.

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