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the festivity of spending! - this week's challenge

December 17th, 2005 at 10:18 am

Oops. Well, yes, we've been going through a bit. But no matter what, it seems that the last week or two before the holidays, I really get caught up in the sales and gifts. I start second guessing what I've already purchased, or find something better, or sometimes just swamp people with quantity instead of quality. Technically my shopping was done at Thanksgiving, and yet I've just found the neatest deals and gifts for hubbie, and of course the new pup needed things...

It happens every year, just like baking Christmas cookies or tea rings or drinking egg nog. It's just not festive without that last minute shopping, spending, wrapping. It's a tradition. Spending is a holiday tradition. That's a sad statement, but it's true. It doesn't "feel" like the holidays when all the gifts are purchased in sales during the year and shoping is done by Labor Day.

So, this will be my challenge this week. No more shopping! No more last minute super neat gotta have it rush it to me at all costs gadgets.

For MD, well, he hasn't STARTED his shopping yet, so he had better NOT make this HIS challenge! ;-)

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