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I'm back!

December 17th, 2005 at 10:11 am

Well, haven't really felt like logging on, or perhaps I just haven't wanted to deal with my spending! Shopping can't fill the void, but it does help fill in the cracks!

The new pup is doing well. He may be too smart for us. He came home Monday night, we had freezing rain/sleet/drizzle/snow for two days, yet he's already got the housebreaking down pretty well. 5 out of 5 poops outside yesterday, had to leave him in the crate while we both got hair cuts and NO messes, and I don't think he's peeded in the house in days, except this morning when he was begging for more treats, and I started ignoring his "needs" and he went over to the one training pad we have out and peed right on it. So, considering we weren't exactly TENACIOUS with him when we were all freezing in single digit weather, he's doing okay.

Still missing my sweetheart, but am realizing more and more how much pain she was in. Furious with the vet for misdiagnosing things. But I still have a hubby and my own tumor and my Dad's CHF to deal with, and I go on.

Have ALOT of Cosequin. Stocked up on sale before she got so ill. Anyone with a cat or small dog need it? Other stuff, the new orthopedic beds and toys, just trying to put everything away. Well, actually, the bed pads we've used to block off the backs of the couches. Couldn't find little Max, and he had climbed through the back of our Lazyboy couch and was under the seat! Spent two days puppy-proofing electric cords, etc. Only a 4 pound pup, yet he pulled a wrapped and ribboned 5 pound add-on weight plate 3 feet before he started to eat the paper off.

So, we are finding our way back to the world of our daily lives. I'd better get back to finding coupons and freebies and SAVING that retirement instead of spending it on pain. Much better to spend on FUN.

Thank you again to all.

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