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thank you all

December 14th, 2005 at 12:37 pm

Thank you all so much for your kind words.

The bills for ER and euthenasia came today. They don't waste any time on that end! Still quite a shock, taking having her given a clean bill of health FINALLY, then to send her off for a refill and never see her again. I do miss her!

She was an "oops" purchase following a miscarriage 14 years ago, when we learned I couldn't have children. We ended up playing with some pups to cheer ourselves, and one curled up in my lap and came home with us. She's been my baby ever since.

Now I have a new little man curled up in my lap. And PetSmart costs, doggie pads and rug cleaning solution and TOYS AND TOYS AND TOYS. I've never had a corgi, but he certainly is a bundle of love and energy. Now different vet bills and expenses, and learning experiences.

The Puppy Kit they gave us came with a tiny greenie, and of course I thought it was a chew toy, GREATLY needed, not an edible toy......green poops on my white carpet. Running out to get ANOTHER bottle of pet stain remover. Last pup was housebroken in three days. Sigh. Feel free to post helpful suggestions on this one!

Not quite sure how I will handle the "gifts" the dog bought her Dad...silly little things, like a remote meat thermometer and skid-proof shoes for walking her on the ice. I've had to put away all her gifts, the new coat and treats that are much too big and not quite right for the digestive track of a pup.

At least MD hasn't fed him a burrito. THAT happened when we brought our first dog home, and I was at work. Got a call asking what I used to clean the rug...

Still waiting to hear how long my father has. Been a rough Christmas. But, again, it's a time to rejoice at the GOOD things and wonderful times. And I rejoice in the wonderful comments I received from each of you.

Now to hit the freebies and coupons and find PUPPY gifts!

Thank you so much.

1 Responses to “thank you all”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It was sooo hard to post anything to you yesterday. My heart was breaking for you! I have a sick dog too so it was especially hard to find the words. I'm sure your dog knew how much he/she was loved. That's the greatest gift anyone can give.

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