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December 11th, 2005 at 07:18 am

Well, MD and I are getting ready to visit the dog in ICU. Hoping I can stay upbeat for her. She is so sensitive.

I can't believe how many areas of my life she touches. Trying to select gifts and wrap them, I always buy her gifts, toys, treats. This year she was getting gift cards for Boston Market (she loves chicken!). Her new beds are here, ready for her to use. Piles of dog freebies for her to try. Coupons.

Just planning our Christmas Eve and day, we always add something to the menu that SHE will like, piroski or CHICKEN something. Trying to come up with the menu, choose gifts, go through catalogs, even just cleaning the house and her hair and little wet paw prints, it's just in my face that she might not be coming home.

So, today will probably not be the routine cleaning and workout and getting ready for the holidays. I may just come back and lose myself in moderating the freebie/coupon section and searching down NON-puppy freebies.

Every Christmas is a crisis. MD's cancer and emergency surgery, my sisters cancer and emergency chemo/surgery/radiation, etc., my father's CHP, my own assault, seems like there is a crisis every year that just wants to drag me away. But the season is for REJOICING, and giving, and sharing. So, I choose to REJOICE for the good times we've all had, REJOICE that MD had a 1% survival rate and is still here, REJOICE that I am still here and able to help everyone else through these times. GIVE the dog food and treats to the local shelter, GIVE my husband anything he wants for the holidays, be it baking or gifts, or just time. GIVE my fahter my love, phone calls, love.

It's not easy, but this is my goal for the day, for the week. Not exactly a SAVINGS challenge, but it's still a challenge.

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