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Another Zelnorm rebate coupon and Zyrtec rebate coupon!

December 11th, 2005 at 07:05 am

I should look through my email alittle better.

I signed up for the Zelnorm and Zyrtec rebates and received coupons by mail. I used them. Zyrtec automatically sent another, but nothing from Zelnorm. So many of these deals are one time only. I had an email from their newsletter, but it didn't SAY Zelnorm, so I didn't open it until now. Clicked the link to their site, answered three questions (do you, did you, will you continue to) and received a message that they will automatically mail me my next savings voucher rebate coupon. No forms to fill out again, etc. NICE.

So, guess I should actually pay more attention to the newsletters I sign up for. I do try to screen them for offers that others might be interested in, especially for my family, but for me, I rarely take the time.

3 Responses to “Another Zelnorm rebate coupon and Zyrtec rebate coupon!”

  1. Paula Tortolini Says:

    Please provide me with Zelnorn coupon or rebate information as I take this product on a regular basis and it does get quite expensive. Thanks!

  2. cindy valdez Says:

    rebates for zelnorm and zertec

  3. Tersea Mason Says:

    Please send zyrtec coupons and/or rebates.
    Thank You,

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