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Sunday's coupons today

December 10th, 2005 at 08:39 am

I do appreciate that our paper delivers Sundays coupon inserts on Saturday. This week just SmartSource and Valassis. Not nearly as great as last weeks, but Pillsbury, Green Giant, Bisquick. The Milton Bradley board game rebate form AGAIN, I guess some people missed it the first time around. FINALLY a Berio olive oil coupon.

I usually check the web sites against the coupons -- when they put out a coupon, they often update and have other offers on their web sites. I'll post if I find anything interesting.

I definitely need to get back to adding up the holiday spending/savings and see where we are on the budget. It's hard when I find great deals, the budget seems to fade away. I really tend to get caught up in the festive BUYING in the season, too. It's not nearly as much fun shopping and saving in September as it is SPENDING in December. Tis the season!

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