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pups in ICU

December 10th, 2005 at 07:46 am

The dog is now in ICU, waiting for surgery on Monday. We can go visit her, but I don't know that she would understand why I am leaving her there. When we kennel her, the next we see her we take her home and give her treats!

The Nolvadent finally came. Still can't believe it was $11 at www.healthypets.com, and $40 at 1800PETMEDS. Also picked up the C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Dogs for $8, whereas my vet has been charging MUCH more.

www.NationalPetPharmacy.com had the Cosequin, 180 caps for $50, and some of the C.E.T. toothpaste and toothbrush items. The dual ended toothbrush is around 12 inches long, so she can bite it instead of hubbie. I still like Katwoman's idea for the swab, though. The vet and other sites online were charging over $50 for 90 caps of regular Cosequin, most more. www.healthypets.com is actually a bit cheaper, $40 for 180, but I didn't find it before I had already ordered. Both sites gave good service and fast delivery.

The vet keeps changing the pain/arthritis meds. Rimadyl, Tramadol (Ultram), Metacam. And the antibiotics, Clavamox and clindimycin. Nothing we can send out for cheaper scripts yet. Hopefully things will settle once she gets through this surgery.

I did break down in my sadness and bought her two new orthopedic bed/pads. Emotions and savings just don't always mix.

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