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Not exactly a savings day

December 9th, 2005 at 01:56 pm

Well, the dog spent the night in the doggie ER, MD didn't get home until 10, and he started at the vet at 1. Now they have called and are holding her over the weekend with catheters, etc. and will do a biopsy and maybe surgery on Monday. More tests, x-rays, COSTS. She is worth every bit to me, she was my replacement baby after a miscarriage, but that doesn't mean we don't feel the costs.

I've been looking for a microfleece thick plush robe, men's extra tall and full floor length, double thick. Hah! I'm pretty good at finding my around the internet, but this is just too specific! It's not like MD has actually SEEN the item, but what he would like.

Did find a super site for gym equipment. We are upgrading and improving our home gym, but Dick's Sporting Good or Sports Authority don't carry the full range of choices and parts. So, from the super site, I found three sites I'm happy with, good prices, quality products. I did a test order from each site, and the delivery time and quality was good. I accidentally got in on a one day 20% off sale on a weight bench that had already been reduced from $500 to $200, with free shipping (at 150 pounds for the bench, that's not insignificant shipping costs) and it arrived within a week. So I placed orders for a few more things.

I am losing track of what I've bought or wanted to buy. Just too much going on between my health and my Dad's, trying to get his meds sorted out and still on standby if he turns for the worse again. And the dog.

Well, when in doubt, save.

I was pleased to hear that a package of coupons arrived safely, and hopefully will help someone else. Forgot to tell her that there were two packages, since hubby forgot a pile on the counter, so one priority mail envelope and one regular letter envelope. It's just been that kind of a week.

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