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Gifts for inlaws

November 23rd, 2005 at 05:00 am

Okay, making progress on the season of giving without going broke.

We completed the shopping for MD's family. These gifts are typically difficult simply because they are quite wealthy and usually have a 5 hour massive unwrapping of expensive gifts. But, since MD's family is now retired and living on savings, they have downsized things for the adults. Since we are now retired too, they realize that we are no longer going to be purchasing them big screen tvs and such. The easy part is, they are so gracious and wonderful, no matter what we do, it will be well received.

Somehow we were lucky enough to find gifts that are well suited for them and well priced for us.

So, purchases and costs incurred:

Dad, wallet on sale, from $20 down to $17. Also a collection of his favorite peanuts etc., $25, but I did have it shipped directly to him for a savings on shipping costs. I HATE paying to have things shipped here just so I can wrap it and reship at more expense.

Mom. Wallet on Sale, from $50 to $12. Also silk slipper in a beautiful travel case, were $75, actual was FREE since it was a gift with purchase.

SIL. Leather messager bag. Was $200, sale of sale down to $24.

BIL. Leather briefcase. Was $350, sale of sale down to $47.

Preteen 1. Suede purse, was $50, down to $17.

Preteen 2. Fur purse in favorite color. Was $30, sale of sale down to $9.

Total cost: "Value" is $810, actual paid is $152.

Plus wrap and ship...TBD

NOT BAD. I can live with this as long as the shipping is not more than the actual paid!

1 Responses to “Gifts for inlaws”

  1. Flower shop delivery Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I wouldn’t think of a wallet as a gift.

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