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another week, another challenge

November 20th, 2005 at 08:02 am

Okay, MD and I have our savings challenge for the week. Finish purchasing gifts, then get them packed and shipped to the west coast before Thanksgiving.

Granted, we are running two months behind from when our 9/4 challenge was to BUY the gifts at the outlet holiday sale. Purchased most things at great deals, $200 briefcase for $15 etc. But we did not get everyone something, I totally lost track of who we had and had not purchased for (usually have a list and don't do it all in a day!). And we did not make our plan to ship by October. We had never committed to an actual date to have it done by, though, and that is really making a difference on our accomplishing the weeks goal.

It may not sound like much, but shipping has gone up considerable. Historically, we have shipped express a few days ahead of the holidays and paid through the nose. Two years ago MD did not tell me how much it cost for a few weeks -- over $500 for shipping! That's more than the gifts cost.

So that's the goal.

Last week's goal, um, well, as hubbie pointed out, you should not really plan to quit smoking in the middle of two crises that have you totally stressed out. He personally ran out and came back with a carton, opened them, lit one and put it in my mouth. And he REALLY wants me to stop. (Sorry, love, I didn't mean to lose it after the third biopsy!). But it will happen soon.

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