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today - well, pre-saving?

November 19th, 2005 at 04:10 pm

Well, it turned out that today would be the only "warm" today before an "icy cold front" hits, so we bailed on the winter closets and did some outdoor yard work. Not sure it counts as saving money, but it will help keep the plants alive through the winter (preventative saving?) and will keep things safer. I trimmed back the large Cherry Laurels and ornamental grasses to make a path for the fuel oil guy to get to the fuel oil line. Don't want a lawsuit from him climbing through the bushes, and don't want to get that out in the cold phone call that they could not deliver!

Also trimmed out the dead stuff from the perrenials. Cleared away all the debris from where the holiday decorations will be set up, and made sure the electrical outlets are clear. Had to remove a plant that was bonding with the outlet! I just couldn't cut back the petunia's. For some reason they haven't died yet, and even though it's almost Thanksgiving, and they should have died months ago and been replaced with mums or something of the season, they are still going strong. Guess that's a savings. I am trying to switch some of the annuals over to perrenials next year, so we don't have the annual COST associated with the plants.

Was too busy to SPEND anything. Found a few good freebies and offers online. And we get Sunday's coupons on Saturday, so coupon day is ALWAYS a good day!

Tonight, just curl up with tv or maybe the freebie DVD that arrived this week, and let the sore muscles rest. Also, I MUST come up with our savings project for next week. Can't afford to drop that two weeks in a row. The dog is having surgery Monday, which is definitely money going out, so need something big to come in to balance the difference. Better go think...

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