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Savings coming in

November 18th, 2005 at 11:19 am

It's always difficult to know how to count "rebates" and other "future" savings in figuring out the monthly income/outgo. It's SO tempting to count them in the store when you are making the purchase, or when you are summarizing the savings of the weeks, and then double count it when it finally comes in.

Today was a great week for getting rebates in. I got my first check from EBates, a cashback online shopping link. I hate that it's a tracker (don't install the reminder service!!!), but it is definitely saving. $35 back for purchases in September, and October - Dec is going well, over $100. It takes 6 weeks after the calendar quarter for them to clear all your purchases and make sure you have kept them. But, does keep from seeing it as a "money generator" giving an immediate check, instead of a rebate to go towards the BILL.

I did do double duty. Ebates had Drugstore.com on a Tuesday special for 10% cash back, and drugstore.com gives 5% credit over a quarter, and I used previous credit, plus I shopped the gold card week (20% off GNC), purchased enough for free shipping, and got some "free with purchase" of products I actually use, so the freebies were actually savings of $30 off what I would have paid myself. Also, I used a 5% drugstore cashback credit card. Since this is the only store I can buy certain medical products for MDs cancer, I definitely appreciated getting the best deal and making use of it.

Also, I got a nice treat from Land O Lakes today. I had purchased their new eggs, on sale, plus doubled coupon, but when I got them home and opened their nice new clear plastic package, it buckled and the eggs broke. So, I sent them an email about their packaging, and received a coupon for a free dozen eggs, and two large recipe books, and a very nice letter. EXCELLENT customer response.

Also won a bottle of the new VAseline lotion, and got a $1 coupon from their promotion. They are giving 1000 bottles a day away, and I'm told if your survey indicates that Vaseline is your favorite product, you will win on one of the subsequent days you play. Not sure, but it worked for me, and my Mom.

Another word on great customer service, we've had the same alarm system for several years, but the signs posted around the house have been hit hard and faded/decomposed. Being 5 years old, I expected to pay to replace them, but I sent a email to ask how to do so, and within two days received a package by UPS with 4 brand new signs in them. Granted, it's a promotion for them, but WAY TO GO ADT.

Also received the $75 refund for People magazine this week, and lots of coupons from different offers and rebates. Combined with grocery savings, it's been a good week!

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