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today's savings, groceries

November 17th, 2005 at 12:22 pm

Well, we did okay on groceries this week. Shopped at only one store, shopped the sale and used coupons, brought the bill from $160 to $75, which isn't bad. It would have been better, only we did pick up a few extras for the holidays. We did get $10 back on our turkey dinner, so that will come in handy next week.

Receiving lots of coupons via mail this week. Always good to get.

Received an "oops" of 55 !!! Try me Free rebate certificates for "Try New Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Frozen Bread Free", a mail in for $3.15. Not sure what I will do with them. If someone has a coupon train or wants me to send them, I'd be happy to. Hmmm...

The total on my grocery receipt says we've saved $1172 since sept 1. Not bad. That doesn't include rebates and freebies. I will have to really plan for the holidays, though. That is the one time of year where MD just plops real butter and cream and whatever we want into the shopping cart. And I've stopped objecting because it is always such a busy time of year, and I love to bake, and it's just an all around spontaneous shopping period. Having health issues and a sick dog and so much else going on makes it so much more tempting to just let it go and endulge. WE DO deserve it, but we deserve the savings in the bank more!!!

So, this year we will try to have a plan for groceries and stick to it.

Still, a positive day for savings!

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