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Weekly Savings challenge

November 14th, 2005 at 05:11 am

Well, hubby agrees that all our "ideas" for the challenge are good, but we can't commit to any. And I'm adamant about keeping up with the plan to tackle expenses each month. Historically, if the two of us don't have a plan, and a commitment, it doesn't get done.

So...I've decided to take my own personal challenge and QUIT SMOKING.

I don't actually consider myself a smoker. I only started a few years ago, after an assault landed me in the hospital for 4 months. I only smoke outside, and it's just been a nice way to take a break, go outside, breathe, no matter the weather. I'm a workaholic, and it gives me permission to take a break.

Or so I tell myself. I actually stopped last year, but started this summer after some shocking news from my family.

But the expense is VERY real. Not just the $45 a carton, and all the additional illnesses. Long term health effects could be expensive too! I'm already dealing with another biopsy this week, not related, but who knows?

Also lots of little expenses that are hidden costs. My husband had cancer, and we both hate the smell of smoke. So, I actually wear nitrile gloves and wrap my hair back and put on a jacket or something so the smoke doesn't come back in the house with me. I wash clothes, robes, jackets, much more frequently than I used to. And it ALL adds up to expenses we don't need.

So, this is my challenge for the week, one day at a time, hopefully it will indeed be a permanent savings we can use.

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